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Discover the Creative Spreads productrange

Creative Spreads holds a major position in the pâtés market (where our roots lie). But our other savoury spreads have also been seeing significant growth: salads for submarine sandwiches, terrines, rillettes, mousses and various types of butter.

Our added value? The fact that we help our customers obtain a competitive edge in their own markets.

We do this by applying great speed and flexibility to the development of innovative recipes and packagings. And by offering a complete range, be it based on meat, poultry and fish or on vegetables.

With Creative Spreads we are also able to translate that special tasting experience of fresh products to spreads with longer shelf lives. We are able to achieve this thanks to a profound knowledge of the most cutting-edge techniques in the field of pasteurization and sterilization.

Beside our two proprietary brands, Mr M and Les Gourmands, we also market unique tailor-made solutions for our customers.

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