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Even though we are a brand-new company, Creative Spreads has a solid foundation: forty years’ worth of experience and knowledge in the field of spreads. A few milestones in our rich history …



Brothers Jos and Mar Mortier found the company ‘Mortier bvba’ from their butchery. They produce all manner of meat products.

Beginning of the 80s

Mortier – which by now has 80 people in its employ – specializes in the production of pâté. 

80s – 90s

The company is experiencing rapid growth due to innovations in packaging and technology. The products are seeing increasing exportation, to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Spain and Switzerland.


Mortier Catering is launched, which markets small portion packages of pâté for out-of-home consumption.


Management is transferred to Kurt Mortier. From this point onwards the company specializes in sterilized and pasteurized liver pies.

2003 - 2008

Evolution from pies exclusively based on pork liver to pies based on other types of meat, fish and vegetarian ingredients.

2008 - 2010

Product portfolio is expanded with other savoury spreads, in all possible variations and combinations.


The company enters a new era, with the new name Creative Spreads and two innovative and strong brands, Mr M and Xqui. Tailor-made solutions are continuously offered as well.


Creative Spreads creates its first full vegetarian product line as part of its new market expansion.


Relocation of the offices to new property in Oostduinkerke.


Les Gourmands becomes the new proprietary brand, replaces the old Les Nutons brand name.